Are you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out?


imagine having a profitable business without all the stress and burn out

Have the confidence, productivity, and impact you’ve always wanted.

Some people think that entrepreneurs are born not made. As an entrepreneur for the last two decades, I can tell you every successful entrepreneur had earned those accolades through strategic work. I can also tell you that the most successful among them did it without sacrificing their passions, health, relationships, or zest for life.

Since 2009, I’ve been working as a master coach and 2018 as a business performance trainer working with entrepreneurs  just like you, to refine your communication skills, overcome limiting beliefs, project your energy with conviction, and to draw out your innate gifts so you can move forward with the utmost confidence.

I believe a congruent and aligned leader naturally produces behaviours of confidence and power without having to feel like a fraud or feel anxious about it. No matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey you can still feel like there is something missing and you are not sure what, I’m here to help.


Who am i


Shaking up your version of normal

Our services enable you the ability to unravel the stress and anxiety that often times has been the hidden precursor to your success. 

By utilising the most advanced psychological technologies on the planet, you can rebuild your confidence so that you can have the power to speak with conviction and embody your own self-expression.

Unlike other counselling or mindset coaching we provide a holistic approach that address issues spiritually, energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically to create long-lasting systemic change.


"Ensures real results”

Loved working with Maria. Highly professionalism and fun with great experiences. As a Coach I highly recommend Maria to those who want a different outcome. For companies looking for real evidence based results Maria is an obvious choice. Alternatively as a Trainer Maria’s approach and process ensures real results for her client.


“Really pleased I attended”

I attened Maria’s Business Values Realignement semianar.It was such a great course! The content was extreamly helpful, engaging and certainly clarified a lot of our ‘WHYs’. Really pleased I attended.


“Delivered at the highest standards”

The 5 owners of my business went through a customised program with Maria about 18 months ago and it helped us helped us communicate with each other, our team and our clients more effectivly. We still to this day often refer to what we learnt in the training. I highly recommend Maria if you are looking to improve your communication and learn about NLP.


“I got more than I expected”

Maria definitely brings her skills and passion to the training room. I had the privilege of being Maria’s student for her hypnosis course she was running and the training and resources were top level, I got more than I expected. I got all the tools required, a plan set in place, ongoing guidance to get a coaching business up and running. So grateful I found Maria.


“An incredible NLP Trainer”

Maria Vamvouklis is an incredible NLP trainer. I had the honour of being a student of Maria’s during my NLP Practitioners Course. Maria’s approach is to ensure every person understands the content and was very accommodating to my level of understanding. Maria is a professional presenter, educator and business owner. I look forward to participating in future courses with The Conscious CEO.



Are you a world class leader?

Are you a world class leader?

I hate making decisions - what if I get it wrong?   I remember a poster which read: “Either Lead or Follow—But Get Out of the Way!”   When our role calls for the former, here are 4 important things to keep in mind:...

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How Do You Define A Problem?

How Do You Define A Problem?

A problem, challenge, obstacle or is it simply a decision?   There are many labels we can use to understand the psychology of a person as to how someone has perceived a problem. Is a problem really a problem or is it how...

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What is the difference between an NLP coach and a business consultant?
How will working with an NLP coach improve my business results?
How does NLP fit with coaching and mentoring?

NLP fits very well with coaching and mentoring

In fact, NLP connects very well with most skills you already have, giving you a greater depth of resources. Using coaching as an example, NLP gives you extensive development tools and techniques to help you assist others.

You might use NLP to overcome any stumbling blocks or personal hang-ups, preventing a client from succeeding. For instance, although someone might dream of success, they may also fear, on a deeper level, the consequences of that success. This results in self-sabotaging behaviour. No matter how much coaching they receive, until that fear of success is identified and dealt with, they’re unlikely to achieve their dreams.

NLP gives you several ways of handling these kinds of issues

Similarly, what happens if a personal concern arises in a coaching session, or the client becomes upset? It may not be something that would typically be handled in a coaching situation. Yet an NLP Practitioner/coach will have many holistic, compassionate options to help the client resolve those issues — without doing therapy.

But don’t think NLP is just for overcoming issues. There are a myriad of ways NLP will enhance what you’re already doing well.

Is Maria a business development consultant?
Do you offer a business development course?
Why Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

NLP is based on the belief that all behaviour has structure. Once you understand that structure, you can transform unhelpful or destructive behaviours into useful new actions, so you can be your best more often.

Excellence and mastery come from having many choices; wisdom comes from having multiple perspectives. With NLP, you’ll have and perceive more choices available in the world around you – helping you to be more effective.

To improve the quality and effectiveness of your performance, NLP techniques focus on the thought processes that influence your behaviour. It identifies, uses and changes patterns in these thoughts so that you become more masterful.

The techniques are, in the main, quick and efficient, generating positive change that lasts.

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Does it Work?

The short NLP is the study of human excellence.

We believe that excellence is a learnt skill and by understanding NLP, it can help you achieve excellence in your life, no matter what you desire. It requires a disciplined approach to communication, and to personal and professional development. NLP also explores the connection between neurological processes (the brain = neuro), communication and language (“linguistic”) and experiential patterns of behaviours (programming).

NLP provides all of us with the tools and processes to uncover these patterns of success, to discover and eliminate ineffective behaviours that sabotage our goals. NLP techniques are widely used in the fields of education, counselling, business, personal development and more.

NLP is an art and a science for success based on proven techniques in the proper NLP training format. It’s easy for everyone to learn, which means NLP works for anyone.

In NLP it is said; we were once all whole and we seek that wholeness again