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Are you feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and stuck in your pursuit of wealth?


In this exclusive free masterclass, Maria will show you a few powerful strategies so you can:

  • Create predictable cashflow with ease
  • Make sales easy without that icky sales feeling
  • Generating high-quality leads on demand

And much, much more…

Maria Vamvouklis


Meet Maria, your dedicated Performance Coach, specialising in guiding driven entrepreneurs like yourself to succeed. She knows the unique challenges you face in your journey to build wealth and success.

Her mission is to help you overcome self-limiting beliefs, regain your confidence, and change your life and business.

Her coaching approach is different from other coaches. She helps you become a Conscious CEO who is confident, sure, and magnetic in your vision and mission.

With her help, you will learn how to run a soul-driven business, reach your full potential, and take YOU and YOUR BUSINESS to the top!

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The question is: What layers do you need to let go of to become your best self?

Do you often struggle with self-doubt, overwhelming pressure, and exhaustion, resulting in a feeling of inadequateness despite your accomplishments?

Picture a life where you possess the confidence, financial stability, and the ability to make a meaningful impact.

It’s time to liberate yourself from this recurring cycle and step into the role of the Conscious CEO you were destined to become.

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"Ensures real results”

Loved working with Maria. Highly professional and fun with a great experiences. As a Coach I highly recommend Maria to those who want a different approach. For companies looking for real evidence based results Maria is an obvious choice. Alternatively as a Trainer, Maria’s approach and process ensures real results for her client.


“Really pleased I attended”

I attened Maria’s semianar and it was such a great course! The content was extreamly helpful, engaging and certainly clarified a lot of my ‘WHYs’. Really pleased I attended.


“Delivered at the highest standards”

The 5 owners of my business went through a customised program with Maria it helped us helped us to communicate better with each other, our team and our clients more effectivly. Now, 18 months later we are still refer to what we learnt in the training. I highly recommend Maria if you are looking to improve your communication and learn about applying NLP in your business.


“I got more than I expected”

Maria brings her skills and passion to the training room. I had the privilege of being Maria’s student for her hypnosis cerfication course. The training and resources were top level and I got more than I expected. I got all the tools required, a plan set in place, ongoing guidance to get a business up and running. So grateful.


“An incredible NLP Trainer”

I had the honour of attending one of Maria’s trainings and found her an incredible NLP trainer. Maria is a professional presenter, educator and business owner and her approach in ensuring I comprehended the content was very helpful to my level of understanding. I look forward to participating in future courses with The Conscious CEO.


“Maria has impacted my life in a way I never expected was possible”

Maria has impacted my life in a way I never expected was possible. With a chain of events that has completely transformed who I am today!


A few years ago, I reached out for help in my professional life, and I quickly realised I needed help with my personal life. I was not consciously aware of who I was and why I was on the journey that I pursed. Maria asked the questions I was afraid to ask myself and didn’t know the answers at the time. Those questions and answers have been in my mind with a burning desire to understand and own them.


Shortly after, life took a massive change with new challenges and experiences. The world was changing direction, and so did I. These challenges created an opportunity that I never expected in my personal life. The ability to try something new and achieve something great.


Now, in the present, I still reflect on the lessons that I’ve learnt from Maria at The Conscious CEO. The shift in mindset and awareness has truly shaped me and the people around me. I believe this is a true legacy Maria has created, with the impact on the people she has helped will last generation to come.



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What is Performance Coaching, and how can it benefit me as a driven entrepreneur?

Performance Coaching for Driven Entrepreneurs is a personalised and transformative process designed to empower individuals like you to reach new heights of success in both business and personal life. We understand that being a driven entrepreneur comes with its unique challenges, from overcoming self-doubt and burnout to navigating the complexities of building wealth. Our coaching goes beyond traditional approaches by combining business expertise with mindset transformation.

We work closely together to identify and address specific challenges hindering your performance. We delve into mindset shifts, helping you overcome self-limiting beliefs and fostering a resilient mindset that propels you forward. 

The benefits extend to improved decision-making, enhanced creativity, and a renewed sense of purpose. Whether you’re feeling stuck, dealing with imposter syndrome, or simply striving for higher levels of success, coaching is tailored to meet your individual needs. It’s a holistic approach that boosts your business performance and nurtures your personal growth, resulting in a more fulfilled and empowered version of yourself.

I'm already successful, why do I need performance coaching?

Congratulations on your success! While it’s true that you’ve achieved remarkable accomplishments, performance coaching is not just for those facing challenges—it’s a powerful tool for those aiming to elevate their success even further.

Performance coaching is about optimising your potential, breaking through plateaus, and reaching new heights. Even the most successful entrepreneurs encounter moments of self-doubt, burnout, or a feeling of being stuck. Our coaching is designed to fine-tune your mindset, enhance your decision-making skills, and cultivate a resilient mindset that propels you to greater achievements.

Think of it as taking your success to the next level. Whether you’re aiming for bigger goals, seeking a more profound sense of fulfilment, or looking to sustain your success with less stress and more joy, performance coaching is the catalyst for your continuous growth. It’s about refining the skills and mindset that brought you success in the first place and leveraging them for even greater impact.

Success is a journey, not a destination. Performance coaching is the compass that helps you navigate the next phases of your remarkable journey, ensuring sustained success, fulfilment, and a legacy that reflects your true potential.

How does performance coaching contribute to improved performance in my business?

Mindset transformation is a powerful catalyst for elevating your business performance. Here’s how it affects and helps your entrepreneurial journey:

  • Clarity of Vision: Mindset transformation helps you get clear on your business goals and vision. Your mindset aligns with your goals, making decisions becomes more strategic and streamlined.
  • Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs: Working together to identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs that may be hindering your progress. By breaking through these barriers, you unleash your full potential and pave the way for greater success.
  • Confidence and Resilience: Transforming your mindset transfuses a deep sense of confidence and resilience. This newfound self-confidence helps you deal with challenges with grace, make bold decisions, and bounce back from setbacks stronger than ever.
  • Enhanced Creativity and Innovation: A positive mindset fosters creativity and innovation. You’ll discover new and effective ways to approach problems, resulting in innovative solutions that set you apart in your industry.
  • Improved Focus and Productivity: Mindset transformation sharpens your focus and enhances productivity. You’ll learn to prioritise tasks, manage time effectively, and stay concentrated on the most crucial aspects of your business.
  • Effective Stress Management: Entrepreneurship can be stressful, but a transformed mindset equips you with effective stress management tools. This ensures that stress doesn’t hinder your performance and creativity.
  • Positive Influence on Team Dynamics: As a leader, your mindset sets the tone for your team. A positive and growth-oriented mindset positively influences team dynamics, fostering a collaborative and motivated work environment.
  • Alignment with Values and Purpose: Mindset transformation helps align your actions with your values and purpose. This alignment enhances personal satisfaction and contributes to a business that resonates authentically with your target audience.

The key to sustainable and high-performance entrepreneurship is to master the inner landscape. By having a positive, growth-oriented mindset, you’ll reach your business goals and have a more fulfilling entrepreneurial journey.

Can you provide examples of challenges or issues that your coaching has successfully addressed for other entrepreneurs?

Absolutely! Our coaching has successfully addressed various challenges faced by driven entrepreneurs. Some common issues include overcoming imposter syndrome, breaking through mindset barriers that hinder decision-making, navigating periods of burnout and overwhelm, and transforming self-doubt into unwavering confidence.

We’ve helped clients enhance their leadership skills, improve communication within their teams, and develop a clear and compelling vision for their businesses. Additionally, entrepreneurs have reported significant improvements in time management, stress reduction, and overall work-life balance.

Our coaching is not a one-size-fits-all approach; it’s tailored to address the unique needs and goals of each individual client. The success stories of entrepreneurs who have experienced positive transformations speak volumes about the effectiveness of our approach.

Is coaching done in person, over the phone, or online?

Maria understands that there are diverse needs and preferences of for clients. To accommodate your busy schedule and provide flexibility, the coaching sessions primarily take place online via video conferencing. This approach allows the to connect with entrepreneurs globally, breaking down geographical barriers.

She finds that virtual sessions foster a comfortable and focused environment, enabling open and honest discussions. It also eliminates the need for travel, saving you valuable time and allowing for seamless integration into your daily routine.

However, if in-person sessions are also an option or deemed necessary for specific situations, arrangements can be made on a case-by-case basis. Maria’s priority is to ensure that you receive the support you require in a way that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a coaching experience that is accessible, convenient, and tailored to your individual needs, fostering a collaborative journey towards your personal and professional growth.

What makes this coaching approach effective for entrepreneurs specifically?

Maria’s robust approach is uniquely tailored to meet the distinct needs of driven entrepreneurs. She understands that the entrepreneurial journey is multifaceted, blending business challenges with personal growth requirements. What sets her coaching apart is the seamless integration of business expertise and mindset transformation.

  • Holistic Approach: Recognising that success in entrepreneurship is not solely about business strategies but also about personal development and coaching addresses both aspects, ensuring a holistic approach to your growth.
  • Customisation for Individual Goals: My belief is there is no one-size-fits-all solutions. Therefore, coaching is highly personalised, considering your specific challenges, goals, and aspirations. This customisation allows for targeted strategies that resonate with your unique entrepreneurial journey.
  • Proven Success in Overcoming Entrepreneurial Challenges: With a track record, Maria has successfully navigated common entrepreneurial challenges such as self-doubt, burnout, and imposter syndrome. She provides a pragmatic approach and process that empower you to overcome obstacles and sustainably grow your business.
  • Mindset Transformation: The most pivotal role in your success is addressing and changing the inner landscape and by transforming your mind you can build resilience, confidence, and a positive outlook that directly accelerates your business performance.
  • Practical Business Wisdom: Leveraging her expertise in business, she supports you in providing practical insights and strategies to enhance your decision-making, goal-setting, and overall business acumen. This integration ensures that the mindset shifts you make are directly applicable to achieving tangible results in your entrepreneurial endeavours.
  • Support Beyond the Sessions: Maria’s commitment doesn’t end with coaching sessions. She provides ongoing support and resources to help you implement the strategies discussed during coaching. This ensures that the positive changes you make have a lasting impact on your entrepreneurial journey.

In essence, coaching is designed to guide you from feeling overwhelmed and stuck to becoming a Conscious CEO who is aligned with confidence and conviction. Maria believes that a balanced and empowered entrepreneur is not only successful in business but also leads a fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

What is the cost of performance coaching, and are there different packages available?

Investing in your personal and professional growth is a pivotal decision, and we believe in providing flexible options to meet your unique needs. Performance coaching services are tailored to the individual, ensuring a personalised approach for maximum impact.

The cost of performance coaching varies based on factors such as the duration of the coaching engagement and the level of support required. Maria understands that each entrepreneur’s journey is distinct, and our pricing reflects the customised nature of our services.

She offers different coaching packages to accommodate varying preferences and objectives. These packages are designed to provide a range of support, from targeted sessions addressing specific challenges to comprehensive packages covering a more extended coaching period.

Maria’s commitment is to deliver exceptional value, empowering you to achieve sustainable success in both your business and personal life. To receive detailed information on pricing and package options, you are invited to schedule a consultation. During this session, she’ll discuss your goals, assess your needs, and tailor a coaching plan that aligns with your vision for growth.

Investing in yourself is an investment in your future success. Contact us today to explore the package options and take the first step towards becoming the conscious CEO you aspire to be.

How often are coaching sessions scheduled, and what is the time commitment required from me as a client?

I understand the demands of the entrepreneurial journey, and I strive to provide a flexible and personalised coaching experience.

Typically, clients start with weekly sessions to establish a strong foundation and momentum. As progress is made and goals are achieved, sessions may be spaced out to bi-weekly. The aim is to ensure that the coaching process aligns seamlessly with your end objectives.

Each coaching session is designed to last approximately 60 minutes, providing ample time for in-depth discussions, goal-setting, and actionable takeaways. I respect your time and understand the importance of balancing coaching commitments with your busy schedule.

The total time commitment required from you as a client is a collaborative decision. While the sessions are integral, your commitment to implementing strategies and exercises discussed during sessions is equally crucial. My goal is to empower you to integrate positive changes into your daily routine, fostering continuous growth and improvement.

During the initial consultation, we’ll discuss your goals, challenges, and preferences to tailor a coaching plan that suits you best. This flexible approach ensures that you receive the support you need while maintaining a healthy, balanced life.

Can I combine performance coaching with other training services or programs?

Absolutely! Our approach is flexible and can complement other training services or programs you may be engaged in. Performance coaching is designed to enhance your overall personal and professional development, and we encourage a holistic approach to reaching your goals.

Whether you’re currently involved in specific business training, leadership programs, or personal development courses, our coaching can seamlessly integrate with your existing efforts. In fact, combining performance coaching with other training services often yields synergistic results, as we tailor our approach to align with your unique needs and aspirations.

During our initial consultation, we’ll discuss your current commitments and explore how performance coaching can enhance and accelerate your progress. Our goal is to create a personalised plan that maximises the benefits of all the resources you’re investing in.

Empowering Business Excellence Through Self-Transformation & Spiritual Alignment