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“There are so many people that do not understand their own ability to create accelerated change, and to know these tools and techniques even at the basic level of the NLP Communication Model a person can begin to truly create change that often limits their lives and true potential.”




Helping business owners master communication, build confidence and sell with flair.

Our services enable coaches, consultants and service-based businesses the ability to make more sales, attract your ideal clients and sell confidently with ease.

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Maria is an amazing trainer and coach. Ive exerpeiced business coaching and many of her trainings. Maria Has truely transformed business and have been able to grow and scale than I have ever before.

Eli, Chinese Herbalist & Acupuncturist


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Shaking up your version of normal

Discover the proven sales and NLP techniques that rebuild your self-esteem, improve communication, and empower negotiation. Ideal for coaches, consultant and business owners.

The Conscious CEO has helped coaches, consultants and  business owners, overcome what has been holding them back to sell with confidence, attract their ideal clients and grow their profits.

As a certified Master Practitioner, Coach and Trainer in NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy, Maria provides you with the most valuable set of tools that will transform your business.


Maria is a fantastic coach and trainer who focuses on getting results. Maria has helped not only our business but also ourselves as individuals and leaders – I definitely recommend her coaching and training programs as they are delivered at the highest standards. She has a great way of making you feel like she is coaching you individually even when in a group setting. Her knowledge and content are on point, and we have seen growth in our business after implementing what we have learned.

Branden Johnston

Director, Rising Tide

Maria definitely brings her skills and passion to the training room. I had the privilege of being Maria’s student for her hypnosis course she was running and the training and resources were top level, I got more than I expected. I got all the tools required, a plan set in place, ongoing guidance to get a coaching business up and running.
So grateful I found Maria.

Vicki Lord

Founder & Owner , Juice Plus Member

Maria Vamvouklis is an incredible trainer. I had the honor of being a student of Maria’s during my NLP Practitioners Course in February 2020. Maria’s approach is to ensure every student understands the modules and was very accommodating to my level of understanding. Maria is a professional presenter, educator and business owner. I look forward to participating in future courses with The Conscious CEO.

Stephen Cardona

Network Advisor, NT Indiginous Business Network

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Why Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

NLP is based on the belief that all behaviour has structure. Once you understand that structure, you can transform unhelpful or destructive behaviours into useful new actions, so you can be your best more often.

Excellence and mastery come from having many choices; wisdom comes from having multiple perspectives. With NLP, you’ll have and perceive more choices available in the world around you – helping you to be more effective.

To improve the quality and effectiveness of your performance, NLP techniques focus on the thought processes that influence your behaviour. It identifies, uses and changes patterns in these thoughts so that you become more masterful.

The techniques are, in the main, quick and efficient, generating positive change that lasts.

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Does it Work?

The short NLP is the study of human excellence.

We believe that excellence is a learnt skill and by understanding NLP, it can help you achieve excellence in your life, no matter what you desire. It requires a disciplined approach to communication, and to personal and professional development. NLP also explores the connection between neurological processes (the brain = neuro), communication and language (“linguistic”) and experiential patterns of behaviours (programming).

NLP provides all of us with the tools and processes to uncover these patterns of success, to discover and eliminate ineffective behaviours that sabotage our goals. NLP techniques are widely used in the fields of education, counselling, business, personal development and more.

NLP is an art and a science for success based on proven techniques in the proper NLP training format. It’s easy for everyone to learn, which means NLP works for anyone.

Who uses NLP?

NLP is used in many fields, including business, sports, art, health, marketing, education and politics, in fact, anywhere that involves human endeavour.

Managers and Team Leaders

You already know what a diverse bunch we are. NLP will show you how people are different, and teach you ethical ways to get the most from everyone. You’ll learn how to motivate and get the best from each person in your team. You can learn personal leadership skills, so you behave authentically and feel aligned with your purpose as well as your own and company values.


It’s frustrating when clients don’t follow through with agreed commitments. As a coach you can use NLP to find out what ‘mental blocks’ are preventing a client from achieving those commitments. You can use NLP to literally remove those blocks — without doing therapy!

Learn to use language in a way that totally motivates your clients and use specific questioning techniques to uncover issues much more quickly.

Health Professionals

Incorporate NLP into your practice by identifying unconscious processes that might be contributing to dis-ease. Some NLP techniques resolve health issues without the need for medication. NLP will add another level to your professionalism and save you diagnostic time.

Teachers and trainers

Improve your teaching or training delivery using NLP techniques which increase your training flexibility and achieve better results for your students..

Advertisers, marketers and sales professionals

Use NLP to successfully sell products and services incorporating language and persuasion skills, rapport building skills etc.


Use NLP to ‘programme’ yourself for better performance with things such as know how to create powerful motivation to practice regularly, incorporating advanced visualisation techniques and identifying and changing any negative beliefs that could be holding you back from being a top performer.

Who can benefit from NLP?

In short, everyone because NLP can be used across many situations in life – business, relationships & personal growth.  NLP is commonly used in enhance performance in sports, management, leadership, advertising, business, armed forces, health, education & training, personal development and coaching.

For example in business:

  • The Business owner who wants to improve their relationship with employees
  • The Sales person who wants to understand their customers buying strategies
  • The Network Marketer who wants to sell their product or grow their team more effectively
  • The Coach who wants to add more tools to their coaching toolbox to be a more effective coach and get results quickly with clients
  • The Practitioner who wants more skills

For example in personal:

  • The Person who is starting a journey of self-development
  • The Parent who wants to communicate more effectively with their children
  • Couples who want to grow their relationship through effective communication
  • The Student who wants to study more effectively
  • The Teacher who wants to communicate differently with their students
What is the difference between NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Time Line Therapy?

NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy are inseparable links of a chain. Used together, they integrate synergistically to produce the best outcome.

Hypnotherapy helps you gain access to an altered state, through the artful use of suggestions, to produce change at the unconscious level.

Time Line Therapy enables you to release the effects of past negative experiences/emotions and change ‘inappropriate’ programming. This tool also creates and installs compelling events into the future. Both are dependent on the linguistic skills learnt in NLP.

How does NLP fit with coaching and mentoring?

NLP fits very well with coaching and mentoring

In fact, NLP connects very well with most skills you already have, giving you a greater depth of resources. Using coaching as an example, NLP gives you extensive development tools and techniques to help you assist others.

You might use NLP to overcome any stumbling blocks or personal hang-ups, preventing a client from succeeding. For instance, although someone might dream of success, they may also fear, on a deeper level, the consequences of that success. This results in self-sabotaging behaviour. No matter how much coaching they receive, until that fear of success is identified and dealt with, they’re unlikely to achieve their dreams.

NLP gives you several ways of handling these kinds of issues

Similarly, what happens if a personal concern arises in a coaching session, or the client becomes upset? It may not be something that would typically be handled in a coaching situation. Yet an NLP Practitioner/coach will have many holistic, compassionate options to help the client resolve those issues — without doing therapy.

But don’t think NLP is just for overcoming issues. There are a myriad of ways NLP will enhance what you’re already doing well.

Who attends an NLP Training?

Individuals who are seriously pursuing their personal and/or professional excellence.

Whether you are already succeeding in your profession, having some difficulties, transitioning into a new position or starting in a new industry, NLP techniques can help you achieve, maintain and enhance excellence. While these trainings bring you closer to achieving your professional goals, you will find that the “Life Skills” you learn will dramatically affect every aspect of your life. You will experience significant improvement in your relationship with others and most importantly, yourself.

Managers & entrepreneurs use NLP to develop strong teams and relationships. Negotiation & problem solving sessions are enhanced to create solution oriented, win-win approaches. You can dramatically reduce mis-communications and increase productivity with the precision and effectiveness of the NLP model.

Sales professionals learn to build strong rapport, elicit & fulfill the criteria & values of clients and develop effective strategies for handling buyer’s remorse or future objections so that the sales is long term & mutually satisfying. With the mastery of NLP language patterns, you will be able to sell with an irresistible influence.

Trainers & educators learn new paradigms for inspiring and engaging students and effective techniques to deal with challenging learning environment. You will be able to identify your own, and your students’ learning strategies and thinking preferences. This will enable you to develop a more effective delivery.

Mental Health Professionals learn new skills and applications that supplement their own techniques and gain additional insights into helping clients make the changes that support their own healing process.

Artists, musicians, writers & actors overcome inner blocks and enhance creativity. Learn specific skills that will help you promote yourself and your work as a professional. You will learn how to connect to your unlimited inner resource and accelerate your abilities to express, create and perform.

Medical professionals learn healing techniques that improve their clients’ recovery rate. You also learn how to elicit quality information from your clients and help them to become more comfortable and receptive to treatment.

Massage therapists, chiropractors & physiotherapists learn effective verbal and psychological skills that will reinforce healing and relaxation. Communicate with confidence and begin to facilitate powerful healing by understanding the psychosomatic relationship between your client’s mental well-being and physical health.

Lawyers, athletes, entertainers, parents, students – in fact anyone who interacts with people in any capacity, or desires personal enhancement, can definitely benefit from learning NLP.

How is NLP related to coaching?

NLP training contains the structural elements of coaching. It highlights the development of new strategies necessary for a coach to think and act, through observation and feedback, bringing your client from point A to point B, helping them formulate their own winning strategies to reach their goals as opposed to problem-centred thinking.

What are the benefits of personal development through NLP and coaching?

How can they help me achieve tangible results in terms of wealth creation, business success and financial freedom?

There are many so called “proven methods” & “secrets of success” models that are available in the market today which allow us to achieve the above mentioned benefits. However, it does not make a whole lot of difference if one fails to develop the fundamentals, which are ourselves and our personal development. But these can be strengthened through the combination of NLP and coaching.

NLP provides the understanding of the inner structure & dynamics for human excellence. With that, we are equipped with the capacity to handle diversity and change which is essential in adapting to rapidly changing market trends of today.

Instead of searching for secrets of success outside yourself, coaching focuses on tapping into your inner potential, as well as bringing to awareness your personal blindspots that limit you.

In NLP it is said; we were once all whole and we seek that wholeness again