Founder & Director

The Conscious CEO & Conscious Awakening School

Maria supports business owners to create abundant & soul-led businesses through a unique approach. Combining the potent strategy and energetics to deliver profound growth.

A Transformational Teacher, Intuitive Business Coach, Consciousness Guide and NLP & Hypnosis Trainer, she has the ability to unlock and awaken your highest potential to carry your mission and purpose. Her unique approach opens up doors of possibility and opportunity that you were unaware of before.

Maria believes that you absolutely can have it all, the question is: What layers are you willing to unravel and let go of to reach the highest version of yourself?



Maria has always had an obsession with discovering the truth of existence, and lead her down a rabbit hole of discovery. She studied Complementary Medicine – Naturopathy, Homeopathy, nutrition, fitness, NLP, hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy®, esoteric and occult studies. All these modalities are fantastic but when infused and merged together, it creates a very powerful transformational approach.

Maria has a gift to dig deep, uncover and unravel patterns that are hidden deep within your psyche. Her approach is accelerated and can completely restructure your internal and external world to support you in creating the life and business you desire.

Maria has been in business since 2008. She has owned and operated a bricks and mortar business before stepping into the coaching space. Her experience in business and in personal and spiritual development is impressive.

Maria’s mission is helping people to unlock their highest potential and create the life and income they desire.




Being a Conscious CEO transcends traditional leadership by embodying a resilient and adaptable mindset. A Conscious CEO strategically navigates challenges with heightened self-awareness, fostering effective communication internally and externally. This mindful approach involves proactively addressing potential obstacles and embracing a thoughtful inquiry process.

Unlike many business leaders who dive directly into strategy, a Conscious CEO takes the time to ask essential questions, such as the purpose behind their actions and exploring alternative approaches. This reflective mindset is the cornerstone of improved internal communication, leading to enhanced external interactions. By mastering this skill, a Conscious CEO excels in sales and attracts ideal clients effortlessly while seamlessly promoting high-ticket offers.

The Conscious CEO programs, integrate business and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), complemented by ongoing coaching and certification training lasting. The three key pillars that expedite transformative change:

  • Alignment: Bringing inner awareness to identify and address underlying beliefs and assumptions, swiftly resolving sales and business challenges;
  • Magnetism: Developing strategies for conscious sales, negotiation, and communication skills that influence with integrity;
  • Mastery: Generating and implementing profitable business skills to foster business growth.

Embrace the Conscious CEO principles to elevate your leadership, drive business success, and achieve lasting transformation.