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In Your power

Embody The Power Of The Cosmos

Embark on a transformative 90-day journey, where overwhelm, chronic exhaustion, and unfulfillment give way to empowerment and leadership. Embrace the cosmic force and embody the power of the cosmos within you.

During this immersive experience, gain profound awareness, shedding what no longer serves you. Forge a clear path forward from a position of empowerment, breaking free from self-sabotage patterns that have held you back. It’s time to obliterate feeling stagnant, unmotivated and lost to awaken the true, joyful, motivated, and loved woman within.

Bid farewell to daily fatigue and embrace the role of a Sovereign CEO riding the successful business train of love, abundance, and vibrant health. Cast off anxiety and low self-esteem as you transition into a confident leader, speaking your truth and setting unapologetic boundaries.

Build robust foundations for a life you desire, leaving old beliefs behind forever. IN YOUR POWER is not just a program; it is the manifestation of your deepest desires. Beyond a mere list of results, it’s a journey of self-discovery, magic, and transformation, delivering more than you ever expected.

Step into the transformative embrace of IN YOUR POWER – where you embody the cosmic energy that leads to a life of fulfilment and empowerment.

Date: On demand, enquire for availability

Delivery Format: Group Coaching capped at 10 

Location: Live Online

Sovereign CEO

Create A Soul-Led Lifestyle and Buid An Abundant Business

Embark on an 8 week transformative journey where the constraints of societal norms are replaced with the freedom to shape your own destiny. Seize control of your time, achieve the income you aspire to, and showcase your unique talents to the world. Our guidance is tailored to help you craft a business that not only aligns with your soul’s purpose but also delivers tangible benefits.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur seeking direction, or you’ve recently launched your business and yearn for a soulful transformation, our service is designed to infuse your venture with abundance and purpose.

Even if you find yourself, as an established business owner, overwhelmed by tasks and disconnected from your purpose, our expertise can guide you through a 360-degree turnaround. Realign your business, restore its purpose, and bring harmony back into every aspect.

Picture a reality where you make your own income, set your own hours, and share your unique talents with humanity. Whether you’re grappling with imposter syndrome, desiring a soul-aligned business free from the burdens of hustle, or feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of starting and promoting your venture, we are here to support you.

Bid farewell to the restrictions of someone else’s schedule, the complexities of social media, and the paralysing fear of self-promotion. With Sovereign CEO, you create a business that authentically reflects you, operates on your terms, and empowers you to share your offerings with confidence and joy.

It’s time to liberate yourself from doubt’s shackles and embark on a journey to a business that not only sustains you financially but fulfils your soul’s calling.

Date: Applications open a few times per year

Delivery Format: Small Group Coaching of 3 

Location: Live Online

Apex Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon

This is a transformative program tailored for high achievers destined to make a profound impact. You’ve conquered what most only dream of, yet you still feel something is missing.

You’ve reached remarkable heights and are adept at delegating tasks, but frequently find it challenging to expose your inner fears. Be reassured – with us, your safety is guaranteed at 100%.

Embark on a transformative journey to declutter your mind, align with your authentic truth, and overcome internal barriers that create friction and stress. It’s a process that some describe as experiencing a profound mental and emotional reboot.

Despite being viewed as a massive success, you know there’s untapped potential within you.

Many entrepreneurs confess that though their lives seem problem-free, they unlock greater potential and power through our sessions. This isn’t just about solving problems; it’s about connecting with your highest version of yourself, understanding your soul gifts, and gaining profound self-confidence

Stress and reactivity lead to poor decisions and damaged relationships. Conversely, embodying your powerful, confident self propels you effortlessly through life, opening doors to abundant opportunities.

The 3-month transformational coaching process systematically clears baggage and blocks from your mind, body and spirit. This journey unlocks your full power, conviction, and authentic self.

Experience healing and exponential growth by returning to your authentic truth. Together, we dispel the influence of past emotional wounds, limiting beliefs, or outdated conditioning. Anxiety dissipates, and you gain access to your Infinite Wisdom and creativity.

Date: By Application only

Delivery Format: One to One Coaching

Location: Online or in Person


I have worked with Maria in coaching for over 18 months and during this time, Maria has been able to help me to grow and take the next new step in my career. The thing I love about working with Maria is that you are her priority. She asks the tough questions however is always nurturing, kind and warm in her approach. Maria is a great coach as she really knows how to dig deep and help you to reach the answers for yourself. Maria gives you her undivided attention and always follows up with you. I have grown in many areas in business for example money, mindset, time management and performance. Maria certainly knows how to get results.

Sandra Santoro

Founder & CEO, Live Activated, Women's Coach

I was blown away by how professional, knowledgeable and passionate she is about what she does. Her training style is fantastic! Maria knows how to build rapport and articulate every step of the process very clearly. I would highly recommend anyone to get in touch with Maria to chat about any of her courses – she will bring so much value!!

Darren Saul

Social Media Strategist, Speaker & Photographer, Suspended Animation



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