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ELITE Leadership Accelerator

NLP Training & Certifications

Have you ever felt trapped by your past and struggled to break habitual behaviours that stand between you and your success?

This is the key to change!

By learning these powerful techniques, you will:

  • Discover the answers to what is holding you back
  • Unleash your self-confidence and full potential
  • Become an exceptional leader who can motivate and manage anyone
  • Improve your communication skills to influence with ease and attract your ideal clients
  • Know to optimise your sales using a win-win approach
  • Know how to overcome problems fast through conversation
  • Implement negotiating and influencing techniques to maximise buying and selling opportunities for a win-win outcome
  • Know how to get high paying clients that are ready to buy from you

Why?  Because knowing how to create rapid transformation for both you and your team gives you the ability to move out of your own way, out of your own problems. 

Whether you are a coach, consultant or an established business owner, our ELITE Leadership Accelerator certification trainings will help you become aware of your internal communication and change the results in your business. Your communication with yourself and others will help you make more sales, attract your ideal clients and sell your high ticket offers with ease.

Training Details

We offer this training exclusively tailored for your business teams or open to the public a few times throughout the year for small intimate groups.

Certification Levels:

  • Practitioner
  • Master Practitioner

Included In Your Enrolment:

  • ​4 Certifications: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy®, NLP Coaching, Hypnotherapist.
  • Pre Study Pack18-Hour NLP Practitioner Audio Program (valued at $895), NLP Practitioner Training Manual, Magic of NLP Demystified (book), Time Line Therapy® and the Basis of Personality (book), Complementary shipping (to most worldwide locations).
  • ​Pre, during and post-training unlimited support.
  • Manuals: NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapy® Practitioner, Hypnosis Practitioner, NLP Coaching.

    Location: Available Live – Face to Face or Hybrid

    Conscious Business Leadership

    Hypnotherapy Certification Training

    Are you struggling to close and convert sales?

    Perhaps you wish you had more of the ideal clients you want to work with?

    OR you simply don’t like selling?

    NLP and Hypnosis are highly effective in today’s business world, so you can:

    • Create instant peak performance on the go
    • Sharpen your decision-making – methods to increase the clarity of decisions, and stopping old self-sabotage patterns that keep you in limbo and repeating old mistakes and experiences
    • Develop instant likeability with a genuine connection with others
    • Stop self-sabotage from fear and create freedom of expression, increased self-belief, freedom to work in a way that fits you
    • Master the skill of communication to create conscious influence and persuasion
    • Clarify your purpose and gain a deep self-knowing about what drives you at a deep level, and how you bring more purpose into your business
    • Know how to quickly identify clear actions from idea to result
    • Learn the tools to increased Personal power express your voice and increase your influence
    • Get aligned with your business to make better business decisions

    Over 5 days, learn the NLP and Hypnosis secrets to significantly grow your business so that your sales can sore. You may also find your relationships with friends and clients improving along the way.

    Training details

    For Coaches, Consultant or service based Business Owners

    Included In Your Enrolment:

    • ​1 Certification: Practitioner of Modern Hypnosis
    • ​Pre, During, Post Training Unlimited Support.
    • Manuals: Conscious Business Leadership.

    Location: Available Live – Face to Face or Hybrid


    Advanced Business Influencing

    Learn the win-win approach to influencing with the art of linguistics.

    In 3 days we cover everything from the beginning of the sales process, negotiation, through to the close. An advanced linguistics course that teaches how to develop your sales approach in real-time using powerful techniques to fine tune language with precision in real-world business and personal settings.

    • Skyrocket sales
    • Accelerate your bottom line
    • Increase your conversion rate
    • Increase your confidence in sales and negations
    • Create a more responsive customer service
    • Influencing with integrity
    • Dramatically increase your income

    Combining NLP, human behaviour and the psychology of business sales, providing advanced ways to influence in the selling processes. You’ll develop an in-depth understanding as to how the brain works and how we use our communication processes to generate these behaviours consciously to stand out on your own.

    Seminar Details

    Details: Private corporate seminars or open to the public available.

    Due to the nature of this training, completion of NLP Master Practitioner Training is required before attending this seminar.

    Location: Available Live – Face to Face or Hybrid 

    One – One Coaching

    Brief Business Consulting

    Are you looking for fast, short term, strategic-based solutions to your business challenges?

    Brief Business Consulting is tailored for the business professional that addresses minor problems and obstacles.

    One of the main issues the business owners experiences is persistent;

    • Stress and overwhelm;
    • Not enough time;
    • Shiny object syndrome

    Brief Business Consulting uncovers root causes rather than surface symptoms of your problem to help you deal with past experiences, memories, habits, and behaviour patterns that are no longer serving you. Providing you with the right strategies and mindset in place to regain your momentum in your business.

    Coaching Details

    Location: In-person or online 

    Details: Brief Business Consulting is a 2-3 hour session.

    One – One Coaching

    Business Performance Accelerator

    Be coached and mentored on business strategies and transforming the limitations of your current mindset to skyrocket your business!

    Whether you are currently performing at optimum levels or you would like to fine-tune your current results, it’s often good to bring in an outside resource for an objective outlook on your current circumstances. Providing a well-formed foundation for insight and understanding that creates an ongoing structure of support for your growth and success.

    You will learn how to solve challenges and psychological blockages in addressing issues that arise in business through a tailored coaching program, enabling you to generate your best results.

    Areas to which can be addressed for increased business performance are:

    • Sales, negotiation influencing and closing confidently
    • Building rapport with prospects, customers and colleagues
    • Overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals
    • Complaint management
    • Overcoming procrastination and increasing motivation
    • Accountability
    • Advanced linguistics, hypnotic language patterns, development and delivery
    • Critical thinking and strategy development
    • Values elicitation and alignment
    • Executive motivational resource management and development
    Coaching details

    Date: On demand, enquire for availability

    Location: In-person or online

    Details: A comprehensive program with a personalised and tailored program that enhances your business and sales skills. Be coached and mentored via weekly coaching tailored to your needs.


    Maria’s trainings are inspirational, engaging in creating successful business growth. Her approach is results driven through cutting edge mindset techniques, in coordination with technology best practices & better human connections. In simple, Maria really knows her stuff. Her trainings are always fresh and her advice, extremely pragmatic and straightforward. A cheerful and confident personality, that I have enjoyed working with.

    Timur Tatar


    I have worked with Maria for over 18 months and during this time, Maria has been able to help me to grow and take the next new step in my career. The thing I love about working with Maria is that you are her priority. She asks the tough questions however is always nurturing, kind and warm in her approach. Maria is a great coach as she really knows how to dig deep and help you to reach the answers for yourself. Maria gives you her undivided attention and always follows up with you. I have grown in many areas in business for example money, mindset, time management and performance. Maria certainly knows how to get results.

    Sandra Santoro

    Founder & CEO, Live Activated

    I was blown away by how professional, knowledgeable and passionate she is about what she does. Her training style is fantastic! Maria knows how to build rapport and articulate every step of the process very clearly. I would highly recommend anyone to get in touch with Maria to chat about any of her courses – she will bring so much value!!

    Darren Saul

    Social Media Strategist, Speaker & Photographer, Suspended Animation


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